Saturday, December 26, 2020

Case Study 13: How to accurately determine someone's time of birth? Donald Trump v Timothy Getty.

This Case Study is with reference to Master Sean Chan's Blog. , who is the only Chinese Metaphysics Master disagrees that Donald Trump's time of birth is at Si Hour but rather at Shen Hour. 

And a reader of this blog who brought to my attention that Timothy Christopher Ware Getty (deceased), the fifth son of Jean Paul Getty (deceased), an oil baron in the 50's and 60's, also shared the same date and time of birth as Donald Trump, 14/06/1946Trump was born at 10.54 am while Getty was at 9.00 am, both were at Si (Snake) Hour. You can google them from many online sources.

Facts about these two persons' case study:

Timothy Getty suffered brain tumor and died in 1958 while Donald Trump grew up healthy to become billionaire and went on to be elected as 45th President of USA in 2016. So do they really share the same time of birth? 

It will be analysed using ZWDS 4-Enhancer Flying Star to give Chinese Metaphysics / Bazi enthusiasts a different perspective of reading destiny and fate apart from what has been written and analysed by Master Sean Chan.

You need to read ZWDS v BAZI Introduction & Tutorial 1-8 to really understand the concepts, descriptions and formulas used by ZWDS 4-Enhancer Flying Star to decode a person's destiny, fate and freewill.

Below are the reproduced ZWDS and Bazi charts: