Sunday, August 14, 2022

Life Master (Case Study: Tony Robbins)

This is the second series of write-up to introduce San He School of ZWDS as oppose to 4-Enhancer Flying Star ZWDS.

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Lu Cun Star (Case Study: Tony Robbins)

This is the first series of write-up to introduce San He School of ZWDS as oppose to 4-Enhancer Flying Star ZWDS.

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Case Study: Tony Robbins

Sunday, May 29, 2022

What Am I?


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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Period 9: A Conversation between Phoenix and Black Swan


Disclaimer: This conversation is just an imagination of the author who just wants to take a break from his usual Chinese Metaphysics write-ups. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this conversation are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), animals (real or fictional), countries, places, buildings, products, beliefs, practices is intended or should be inferred.

PhoenixHey, are you done with all these current sufferings?

Black SwanWhy are you making a fuss?

PhoenixThis Covid-19 thing and now the Comedian-Strongman War.

Black SwanHey man. This is what I was born to do, no? 

PhoenixAren't that not enough? You already got two and still going on now!

Black SwanWhat's your problem? Your time only comes in 2024. I've got more unfinished tasks.

Phoenix: So tell me what new havocs you intend to unleash.

Black SwanPeriod 9 is Li Gua, right? It is Fire, right?

PhoenixYeah, you're right. Time for every Female to rise, more so a beautiful one like me. Ouch you are so ugly!

Black Swan: You better watch your mouth yeah! Hell had no fury like a woman scorned! I can turn that fire into many gigantic fireballs in the skies. All that I need to do is to get that Strongman guy push the N-button. 

Phoenix: Seriously. Are you out of you mind!

Black SwanOkay, okay, okay. That one is catastrophic. It could be the end of the world. I keep it for last option.

Phoenix: Don't even think of it. 

Black SwanHow about a little less serious one.

PhoenixAnd what's that?

Black Swan Turn the fire into 2-3 degree increase in world temperature, climate change.

PhoenixThat's as bad as pushing N-button. Incessant rains, massive floods, heatwave, droughts, rising sea levels and famines will wipe out millions and millions of lives. We will live in a hot world as though the Sun will never set.

Black SwanHmmmm....then let try something a little milder one.

PhoenixLike what?

Black SwanWars, high energies and commodities prices, shortage of food and commodities and the slow and small rise in interest rate to fight inflation may not necessary trigger a sudden collapse of the market.

PhoenixYour suggestion?

Black Swan Tank the market...melt it and let the economy and market goes into tailspins.

PhoenixDo you discriminate which one to hit?

Black SwanI hit the No.1 and everything will drop like dominos. The No.2 seems to know how to shut themselves down to achieve zero Covid-19. That is bad enough for them to self destruct and the world would be hit as well. No.1 always wants to provoke and infuriate No.2 so I am not surprised they would start one across the straits. No.1 is desperate to look Macho so he will try to pick a fight with No.2 to safe his face and manhood since he dares not go into direct face-off with the Strongman who ever ready to push the N-button. 

Phoenix: How about No.3?

Black Swan: No.3 has been castrated long time ago by No.1 using N-button and through the Plaza Accord. They have no choice but to follow what No.1 tells them to do. On top of that No.3 fears No.2 who has taken over her place and challenging the supremacy of No.1 and going to replace No.1 soon. The Emperor is doing his work humbly and quietly. He could possibly help the world economy as No.2 while others faltered. His country can be dragon and phoenix at the same time. That's why The Dao, Yin-Yang originated from his country. No.2 rise will prompt No.1 to act to protect her position and as a consequences my black event could happen. 

PhoenixThis one is quite bearable for me. That No.1 super power economy has been printing money for decades as though they can keep on spending infinitely without really producing enough for their own consumption. Furthermore everyone must use their money to trade and if you refuse to they would cut you off from the system, SWIFT-ly. 

Black SwanBut before I choose any one or two of those above the end result I must see ashes.

PhoenixWhy is it so?

Black SwanIsn't that you're a Phoenix.


Black Swan: Like they said a phoenix must rise from the ashes, right? Otherwise when Period 9 arrived without ashes there would not be The Rising of Phoenix. There will be no grand welcome for you. You know everyone is so excited about you. Some even making huge amount of money talking about you to others. My name doesn't sell like yours. They don't want my name. But when I acted they would suffer tremendous pain. That's how I make my present felt.

PhoenixOh, God! Everyone has suffered a lot and barely surviving because of the on going so called Black Swan events created by you. You're still not happy and wanted more. All I wanted to do is to give hope and motivation to others. Some people use my name to make money and I don't even benefit it.

Black SwanI need a lot of ashes to make me black otherwise I would lose my power to punish or penalize; and people would continue to be greedy, selfish and irresponsible to Mother Nature, and you know we need to balance the Yin and Yang, right? I need to teach them a lesson before it was too late. No matter what they still kill each other and sometimes I am very confuse whether was it me who acted on them or they did that to themselves. 

PhoenixYou are such a volatile and unpredictable creature. Can't really figure out what's on your mind. I better consult some FS Masters to predict your next move. May God has mercy on us when you unleash the next black event.

Black Swan: And don't forget I will always and forever be here since universe existed, Period 9 and whatnots. Dinosaurs are some of the examples. Humans are more luckier than other species because they have the intelligence and all the tools using science, technology or even metaphysics to read, analyze and predict past, present and the future. Egoistical, greedy, selfishness and gullible are their downfall.

Friday, March 25, 2022

What Profile Are You?

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