Friday, February 19, 2021

Case Study 15: Elon Musk: The Lucky Stars are on your side.

This Case Study is with reference to year 2021 of Xin Chou (Metal Ox), but specifically to Xin Heavenly Stem year when the last digit of the year is '1' (One). In every Xin Heavenly Stem year there could be a month(s) in perfect alignment with the right day and hour to produce a special chart formation called Heaven Wealth Luck & Windfall Luck. Please refer to Tutorial 7 to learn all the special chart formations.

Elon Musk's date of birth falls under the special chart formation of Heaven Wealth Luck & Windfall Luck. He was born on 28 June 1971 (taken from various Website sources), and the time was between 5.00am to 6.59am predicted by this blog.

There are another 3 persons who are suspected to be born with the same formation. They too are mentioned in Tutorial 7, but with slight variations in stars configuration. They will be chosen in the subsequent case studies. 

Readers of this blog who wish or plan to have a baby in year 2021 and are interested to find out what is the exact month, day and time of this special chart may go to to try their luck to plot and find the chart. This special chart formation can only appear one in every ten years. 

And not too far in the future, but expect a bumpy ride like the past years, Musk will reach the stars (Mars) with his SpaceX rocket, Starship.

You need to read ZWDS v BAZI Introduction & Tutorial 1-8 to really understand the concepts, descriptions and formulas used by ZWDS 4-Enhancer Flying Star to decode a person's destiny, fate and freewill.

The Stars Are On Your Side, by Ross Copperman to Elon Musk.