Thursday, July 29, 2021

ZiWeiDouShu v Bazi: ZWDS Gives Truth & Clarity to Your BAZI Profile (for Career, Wealth & Personal Development)

A Powerful Guideline using ZWDS for Clarity in revealing our BAZI Profile.

It will reveal our truth talent whether we are suitable for employment or to be an entrepreneur. It further breakdowns the detail descriptions of the types of work that most suitable for our career / employment. As for entrepreneurship you will discover that business / investment is not all about our passion, perseverance, best efforts, skills, competencies, trainings and mentorship but the QI Energy we were born with that interacts our work / business environment we are inevitably exposed to and beyond our control. By identifying and taking into consideration the 4 Enhancers in our ZWDS Destiny Profile Chart which are also our QI Energy inclination towards our surroundings and environment (external QI) which have their own influence on us, a tide that we would not want to swim against it but rather with it, will give us the AWARENESS & CLARITY, and the TRUTH picture of 'WHAT AM I' so that we will make the correct decision in life in terms of personal development, career choice or strike out on our own to be a successful entrepreneur. Good Luck!    

Step 1: Read Tutorial 1 to 13 to Understand the Description of Enhancers in Your ZWDS Chart  

Plot Your ZWDS Chart here:

Step 2: Plot Your ZWDS & BAZI Chart. Determine Your BAZI Main Profile and crosscheck with Your ZWDS Chart by referring to the table below 

Plot Your ZWDS Chart here:

(1) The above 4 Enhancers analysis is based ZWDS Natal Chart interpretations. It does not take into consideration the Fly-out and Fly-in of the 4 Enhancers out of or into the palaces which will reveal many more details and life events during any decade, year & month luck cycle. You may want to read the ZWDS Tutorial Section in this blog to find out more. 
(2) Plotting of ZWDS Chart is birth hour sensitive. If the wrong birth hour was chosen the ZWDS Chart plotted would be wrong unlike BaZi Chart when the first 3 Pillars; Year, Month & Day remain the same even the birth hour is different. To check it out yourself, print your ZWDS Chart using other birth time and compared to your actual birth hour and you will find them very different from each other. This is to remind us who were born during daylight saving time (DST) or in a country when the official hour has been adjusted by the government which is different from the true local solar time, they must adjust their birth hour manually to local solar time when plotting the ZWDS Chart. Do not use any online local solar time finders / converters to find your birth hour solar time because most them are not reliable or accurate at all. If you have any doubt of your actual birth hour you can engage an experience ZWDS Practitioner / Master (preferably who has more than 5 years experience and/or has read more than 500 charts) to help you to 'Verify & Validate' your chart by analysing and reading some past events in your chart and match these events to your actual experiences in your life for confirmation.