Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Case Study 14: Kobe Bryant:– Tributes to NBA legend on 1st anniversary of his and daughter Gianna’s deaths.

This Case Study is with reference to Master Ken Lai's Blog.


Online sources:




This case study consists of 4 parts:

Part 1: Kobe Bryant -Born on Wu Hour (Predicted by this Blog)
Part 2: Kobe Bryant -Born on Chen Hour (Predicted by Master Ken Lai)
Part 3: Gianna Bryant -Born on Zi Hour (Predicted by this Blog)
Part 4: Gianna Bryant -Born on Chou Hour (From Astro.com)

It will be analysed using ZWDS 4-Enhancer Flying Star to give Chinese Metaphysics / Bazi enthusiasts a different perspective of reading destiny and fate.

You need to read ZWDS v BAZI Introduction & Tutorial 1-8 to really understand the concepts, descriptions and formulas used by ZWDS 4-Enhancer Flying Star to decode a person's destiny, fate and freewill.