Saturday, April 11, 2020

ZiWeiDouShu v BaZi v QMDJ: Comparison

   QMDJ Life is a system reveals our inner thoughts, fantasies, conscious, subconscious, and the unconscious mind. Deep within these minds we think, act and behave according to a pre-set of inborn traits, local data from our DNA, non-local data from the Universe and a conditioned mind that translated into our likes and dislikes, and our orientation or attraction to things, people and the environment that we chose to work and live in. It has to do with our thoughts, hobbies, preference for objects, activities, work, and types of people we are attracted to and wanted to associate with.
   Some of our personal, work and social environment are also being setup in advance and in some predetermined events we have limited freedom to choose, like in the movie The Matrix, they were all pre-programmed into our destiny. Nevertheless, there are times when there are no predetermined events, we can use all the freedom and freewill to do whatever we want to improve our lives. 
   Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) developed by the West and spiritual meditation or manifestation practiced by the East are two systems used by those who want to improve their lives and change their destiny. It may be effective at intrapersonal-emotional-spiritual level. However it has been abused for commercial purpose when it is used for pecuniary benefits or looking for material gain.

   Bazi is a system that store our DNA energy in terms of personal traits, our capacity, capabilities, talents, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the limitations in life. The DNA in us also functioning as a magnet of attraction, The Law of Attraction, as well as a force of repulsion. Our affinity and enmity is the manifestation of our emotional behavioral such as love, affection, aspirations, hatred, aggression, fears, rejection, ego, pride, emotions, etc. These 'energies' in us are the driving force of our actions to draw people's attention and reaction, and also to reject others when they are not in-sync with our personal and social needs in life.
   On macro level Bazi inter-relates us with our personal living space, our place of work and the environment we live in. 
   It is a good system to use to understand who we are and what we are. Our goals and objectives, and the people in our lives.

   ZWDS system maps out our destiny and fate in the form of a labyrinth or maze. There are many paths or routes for us to take in our lives. At some point in our lives there are some routes that are made available to us but no matter how we choose we still end up with the same outcome. To a layman he may think he had made a wrong decision if the outcome is bad or he had made a right decision if the outcome is good. But from destiny and fate perspective some events are predetermined in outcome no matter how the decision was made.
   The system is equal to a Snake & Ladder Board. The Snake and Ladder are our Fate. The Board is our Destiny. The Snake is failure and upset we endured in life. The Ladder is success and happiness we achieved and enjoyed in life.
   Every specific aspect of our lives is clearly laid out for us to discover. The opportunities (Ladders) are all there for us to grab if we know where to find them in advance, and the threats (Snakes) are laid in our path which must be identified and deal with before they bring harm to us. 
   If we know our life labyrinth we know when there are certain paths or events in life (fate) which are predetermined. When we are forced to walk down those paths we are well prepared to face the challenges. Some success and some failures in life are sure to happen. We must use this system to amplify our success and avoid failure. To some extent the freedom to choose is only an illusion. If we are walking on a 'dangerous' path (in the bad luck cycle), all we could do is to 'stall' ourselves, or we could go into temporary 'hibernation' mode until the storm is over and we are out of danger. This could at least mitigate a lot of harmful and damaging events that could befall on us.
   The saying 'at the wrong place, with the wrong people, using the wrong strategy, at the wrong time' is not a random event or careless act, or miscalculated strategy on our part, BUT a preordained destiny. We may have stepped on a Snake! So beware of it.

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